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4.4.2015/w Fear Of Domination - @PRKL Club, Helsinki.

FINAL DAWN is a post apocalyptic battle group operating in Helsinki, Finland.

Lineup is: Vocalist/Guitarist by Vesku, Drums by Miro and Bass by Topi.

Style of mayhem we're greating is somewhere between thrash, death and musical elements of black metal.

To Be Is To Destroy

The glorious past
all erased
Life expired
God's deranged

reason escapes
Billion of hands shaking with fear
try to deny how the world breaks
when the moment of doom is here
Your eyes will bleed

No one's saved
Faith's a lie
when the end comes
it just comes

preachers' pledges mean nothing
when all the empty words break
wasted your life on things
that are not even there
They are not there

Tired on everything
turning space to dust
Reaching for the stars
To Be Is To Destroy