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4.4.2015/w Fear Of Domination - @PRKL Club, Helsinki.

FINAL DAWN is a post apocalyptic battle group operating in Helsinki, Finland.

Lineup is: Vocalist/Guitarist by Vesku, Drums by Miro and Bass by Topi.

Style of mayhem we're greating is somewhere between thrash, death and musical elements of black metal.

Martyrs of Vanity

Reality ends here
no reason, no fear
the shining death on my arms
the darkness gathering

long time coming
thru fabric of no-sense
unbroken unbeliever
you see me smile?
maybe i'm happy at last

the whispers the voices
filling the consciense
dreams are not haunting anymore

transicion between the worlds
I'm not coming back
not now - not ever
Will I be remembered?
I don't really care

dreams of that dark place
where i've always been
building the walls
of bones. of dead.

crossing the boundaries of morality
the reason to do right is gone
Martyrs of vanity
you're the ones dying by my hand

Screams at the night
what a beatiful melody
trapped in here with me
alone. afraid.

It all ends now